The Advantages and Disadvantages of Breeding Chickens

Chickens are surely one of the most common animals that people see in farms. The reason behind this is that people like to eat chicken in all of their meals. With this, raising and breeding chickens have been done by so many business people and by doing so, they have earned a lot of money.

It is very important that before you start breeding chickens, you should make sure that you have passed local checks or else it will cause you trouble. Breeding any animal usually has problems with sanitation. So, if you are not convinced enough yet, here are the advantages and disadvantages of breeding and raising chickens.


Raising chickens are cheaper compared to raising other animals. This fact has been observed by so many animal experts.

raising chickens

For instance, when it comes to food, chickens are not very choosy. They can eat almost anything, and you do not need to buy them their food. At most, you do not need to spend over $3 in a day for food alone. Comparing it to other animals, you need to have the food prepared and make sure that they have eaten. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of money when it comes to vaccination and medication. Chickens have the one-time vaccination, and usually, they stay disease free for several months. The medication in case they get flu, or something is also very cheap.

Aside from that, you do not need to spend lots of time with your chickens to play and groom them. This helps you save your time and effort and of course you can do other things that are more productive.

Lastly, by raising chickens, you can get something from them just like their meat and of course their eggs. You do not have to buy these products which are commonly used in households.


Chickens cannot be good pets. You cannot pet them, and in most cases, they cannot understand the feelings of their masters. They are boring companions, and of course, they are not very useful especially when it comes to guarding your house or so.

Although chickens can help you save your time because you do not need to spend much time with them, your time will be occupied in cleaning their coop. There are times that the coop gets messy and smelly due to the waste material. It is advisable to clean the coop at least once in a week to ensure clean and healthy chickens at all times.

Raising and breeding chickens both have advantages and disadvantages. If you have decided to raise and breed chickens, you should be responsible enough to follow the local laws about it and of course to know the proper maintenance. Aside from that, you should have extra time and the commitment to check your chickens continuously. By the information given above, you can finally decide whether to go for raising chickens or not.